Monday, October 10, 2011

Saltine Cracker Challenge!

Believe it or not, this is the best I could come up with on Google Images.
A few people mentioned the dryness of saltine crackers in the comments for my last post, and so I couldn't help but write about the Saltine Cracker Challenge!  (I'm also assuming that this is what SlogBlog11 meant by "cracker races," but I could be mistaken.)

Anyway, the Saltine Cracker Challenge! is known by a variety of names, and sometimes the rules vary, but the basic challenge is to chew and swallow six saltine crackers in a minute or less, leaving no crumbs, and without drinking anything to wash them down.  Like many things that sound simple, it's not.  Here's a video of the Saltine Cracker Challenge!:
Wow. What an alarming picture.

There's a Wikipedia page for the Saltine Cracker Challenge!, and in the entry is a section called "Game Variations."  This is the entire section as of this writing:

"Several people claim their version of the challenge is the 'correct' one. This section will itemize the myriad variations of the challenge:
  • California Saltine Challenge - This version of the challenge requires contestants to eat 7 saltines within 60 seconds and then whistle clearly. The saltines dry up the mouth making whistling near impossible. No crumbs are allowed to spray out of the mouth when the whistle is attempted."

  >myriad variations
  >one variation


  1. I tried it...fuck no I didnt get it down in less than a minute

  2. Obviously the California dude deleted all other variations in the wiki page to claim that his version is THE ONE!

  3. I can't do this, Too messy, crumbs everywhere. D:

  4. I can't even think of eating salties without a drink

  5. I might have to try this some time! I love crackers!

  6. jesus christ how horrifying!

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  8. There was some challenge for some TV show in my country to eat I think 12 salty sticks in 60seconds..and noone cold do it!

  9. Wow, the California challenge is pretty extreme. 7 saltines and whistling clearly? That's professional level, not for amateurs.

  10. this actually seems easy
    but when I tried it, damn it's impossible

  11. Oh my god that is impossible! D:

  12. Ummm... This doesn't look that hard if you find people that aren't failures. There's a couple guys here that seem to have no problem with it. Well, the guy on the left does it all right but the guy on the right kinda fails because he has a lap full of crumbs haha.


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