Thursday, October 27, 2011

Logistical Problems

As the title suggests, I've run into some logistical problems with this blog.  Now that I've taken the first steps at pursuing various methods of blog promotion, through blog directories and other such media, I've realized that a few things have to change.

No, I'm not going to stop writing about salt.

Rather, I realized some things that I had not considered when I created this blog.  For starters, the blog is called "F*** Salt," and the URL is  Now, I don't remember which pronunciation I had in mind when I started this thing, but I've since been pronouncing if in my head as the URL is spelled.

/ɛf sɒlt/

I also hadn't really considered how the phrase "F*** Salt" would be interpreted in a Google search.  It seems that asterisks have a weird effect on Google queries.  As of now, I can't find my blog by searching "F*** Salt," but if I search "F Salt" it comes up on the 8th page.  "Eff Salt" returns nothing, but "effsalt" as one word returns stuff related to me on the first few pages.

So it's confusing, and I should change it, right?  Unify it.  Cohesion is good.  The whole blog ought to be called "Eff Salt."  It's a bit more family-friendly anyway, as it encourages the one pronunciation over the other.  Sure, I'll have to update a few profiles around the web, but that's a minor inconvenience.  But am I missing something?  Are there any negative consequences to changing the name?

I'm already using a few different pseudonyms around the web.  "EffSaline" at Twitter, "EffIonicCompounds" on Youtube, but oh well.  They're recognizable.  I think they're sort of humorous spins.  They're just off-shoots of the blog anyway, chosen because "Eff Salt" was already taken.  (Not to mention the websites that allow spaces and those that require underscores...)

And this brings me to Google Authorship...

I think I set it up right.  Not that it matters right now, though, because when I do find my blog through Google, it doesn't link to a Google profile, and the little textual snippet is outdated anyway.

But oh well.  I'm a small-fry.  This is all in preparation for the growth that I hope to gradually achieve.  But there's another problem... my name.

 Get it? I hope the image is at least somewhat recognizable...

What was I thinking, putting an apostrophe in my name?!  Lot's Wife... didn't I realize that apostrophes wouldn't be allowed in like 90% of online profiles?  Not that it matters much on most websites; it's mostly blog directories.  But it mattered on a pretty important page: my Google profile.


Now, if Google Authorship does work, it's going to read "Eff Salt," like it does two pictures above, rather than "Lot's Wife."  The whole point of Authorship is to remind readers that there's a person behind the blog -- an author.  Now it's just a blog written by a blog.  And right now the names don't even match.  Yeesh.

So, in conclusion: my main question to everyone is...

Should I change the name of my blog to "Eff Salt"?  Why or why not?  God, I sound like a short answer question on a quiz...

It seems like an important decision to make before I go about promoting my blog in any serious sense.  It's also preventing me from making any real effort to create a nice looking blog header (or to enlist the aid of Dalf... wouldn't that be cool?)

I look forward to hearing everyone's input. Cheers!

Oh yeah, I changed my little profile image, because I was probably infringing on someone's copyright on quite a few websites.  It's probably not the last time it will change though... right now it's just a rudimentary picture that I whipped up in Graphic Converter.

And another thing: here's a code that I have to insert into a post for Technorati: HHATSMVT4T6C


  1. EffSalt sounds more cooler, and it's like a tribute to your old readers.
    GO for it!

  2. Hmm, well considering the URL is already effSalt, it wouldn't hurt, although it may confuse newcomers to your blog.

  3. EffSalt sounds really cool!
    But keep your name, I like it.
    I think that a lot of people will find it witty.
    P.S. I gave you a blog award! You don't need to pass it on or anything, but I thought you should know.

  4. hmmm. i kind of prefer just plain old 'fuck salt', eff salt just sounds lame. fuck salt is more 'to the point'.

    anyways, i believe in you! also hopefully tourettes guy google searches find you. I've been pretty lucky with movember, a lot of people have been checking my blog i think to look for moustaches, but i hope it's not seasonal, ya know :P you can find my blog just by typing 'moustache' in google images, something i'm kinda proud of :P good luck on streamlining your blog with google :)

  5. Sounds like a gigantic headache

  6. Yes I always face different technical issues.

  7. That is a dilemma, I don't have any guidance though. My blog lines up with my user name just for convenience. I didn't really think about visibility back in 2005 when I started blogging with blogger.

  8. effsalt is cool for me and you avoid restrictions about language

  9. I agree with most of the people. It's cool. :D

  10. No matter what you changer your name to I will keep following you!
    In the end you gotta do what you think is best.

    effsalt/F***salt/anyothersaltname forever!

  11. I get your problem, man. But 'Eff Salt' is also kinda hard to remember. Maybe you could change it too 'Screw Salt' or something. That's a little less offensive, too...

  12. Very cool post!
    Great blog.

  13. I also have problems putting my blog as first result while searching, well, hope that will change as time goes

  14. EffIonicCompounds must be the best youtube name I've ever heard of.

    But, yeah, you should change it to Eff Salt, sounds original and less aggressive.

  15. I'm a label in your blog? Sweet! (or should I say "salty"? Whatever!)

    Anywho, if you need help in anything just drop me a line ;)

  16. Change it bro. Do it while your audience is smaller.

  17. I loved your post, in answer to your question I prefer the title you have f*** salt, but then i like a good bit of controversy


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