Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wal-Mart Reducing Salt?!

Okay, fine.  My triumphant return wasn't all that triumphant. It wasn't even a return.  More like dropping in for a brief "hullo."  And now, in a boy-who-cried-wolf sort of way, this time won't be quite so triumphant.  But I'm fine with that.

As most of you know, I kinda dig salt.  It's sorta my thing.  I also like ginormous corporations that provide cheap goods at the expense of small businesses.  That's Capitalism.  That's Wal-mart.

But guess what?  Wal-mart is cutting down on the salt, sugar, and fat content in 165 of its private label foods.


But wait, Mr. President!  Wal-mart said last year that it was joining Michelle Obama's initiative to fight obesity, and, well, this is how.  So no complaining.

Now, I can live with the less sugar thing.  Sugar's overrated.  It's unhealthy.  But to lump salt in with sugar, just because it's white and granular?  Bollocks. 

Of course, all this means is that products sold under the Marketside and Great Value labels will have less sugar, salt, and fat.  Big deal, right?  (I can just never buy those products again...)

In conjunction with this reductive measure, Wal-mart will also be labeling foods with a "Great for You" icon if they meet a certain nutritional criteria.  Customers will also find that many healthy products will be priced cheaper.  For example, whole wheat pasta is now the same price as white pasta, and some healthy dairy products have seen price reductions.

Which is actually pretty nice.



  1. no walmarts where i come from...

  2. This is actually a good thing. Our diet is so full of sodium it borders on coronary inducing

  3. You're back! Welcome back, salty. I suppose if Wal Mart reduces its salt content you can always buy it separately and add it right back in.

  4. Yes, joining the bandwagon to welcome you back. And love the pic hilarious.

  5. Just cut out the trans fats! Oh but wait trans fats are from cheaper oil! You wouldn't wanna make good food with more expensive oil! That wouldn't be good for profits.

  6. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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