Thursday, February 9, 2012

Floridians, Rejoice!

If I lived in or near Jacksonville, Florida, I'd be pretty excited right now.  Why?  Because a new salt spa opened on Jacksonville Beach just yesterday.

Perhaps this news is a bit locally-specific, but it's also temporally relevant.  Plus it's a jumping-off point to talk about salt spas in general.

Salt spas are a basically spas that incorporate salt therapeutically, but the defining feature is the salt cave.  Consider the following image:

Is this what Heaven looks like?

That's the Williamsburg Salt Spa in Williamsburg, Virginia.  According to their website, they're the first salt spa on the East Coast.  Which is saying something.

Now, I'm a little skeptical of alternative medicine, but relaxing for an hour in a room full of salt just makes sense.  They even give massages.  Awesome.  To quote Lauren Riddick (no relation to Vin Diesel), an employee at the Jacksonville Salt Spa: "It's a breathing treatment, so if you're in halotherapy, you're taking in the salt. It attaches in your lungs and helps to excrete naturally the mucus in your body."

We're not talking just regular salt, by the way.  At the Jacksonville Salt Spa, they've imported salt from under the Dead Sea that's been untouched for over 250 million years.  It's completely free of pollutants (except for maybe dinosaur pee) and infused with over 85 minerals.  Essential minerals, to boot.  Again, awesome.

So, if you're ever feeling under the weather or just want to feel refreshed, perhaps try a salt spa near you.

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  1. A salt...cave? Can I bring my french fries with me?

  2. wow, that spa looks really cool

  3. thinking about doing my masters in florida...

  4. those salts are amazing, they have a unique way of entering the body through skin. following.

  5. Never been to a salt spa but I know you can go and stay in a salt mine in Hungary and Bavaria and such, and it's supposed to be incredibly good for you. Personally I'd prefer a spa with big windows to let in the sun.

  6. I think a salt spa sounds nice, but only where the salt is from

    "At the Jacksonville Salt Spa, they've imported salt from under the Dead Sea that's been untouched for over 250 million years."

    If the salt was under the dead sea it should stay there! Just my tuppence ;)


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