Thursday, December 8, 2011

S.O.S. (Save Our Salt)

Gasp!  In the wake of crowd control food products, Internet censorship bills, and the Defense Appropriations Bill, the U.S. Gov'ment is getting its sweaty, corrupt mitts all over our precious salt.  The FDA, CDC, and the USDA are trying to impose regulations on salt consumption, and while I agree that too much of anything can be a bad thing, the restrictions run contrary to current salt science and could result in dangerously low levels of salt intake among Americans.  The Salt Guru himself speaks on the subject (in lieu of the Salt King, who was out of town):

A truly inspiring man.

You can read more at the Salt Institute website.  It's pretty clear that a company called the "Salt Institute" wouldn't have any veiled motives in opposing the proposed regulations, so there's no need to consult alternate sources when researching the subject. 

P.S. The Salt Guru's name... is MortonWhaa?


  1. I think that targeted reduction of salt is fine, but it shouldn't be too broad. Plus, we can always carry salt packets with us in our wallets haha.

  2. Hey, cool, I'm a top commenter!
    Anyway. I think that salt intake *is* actually too high in America. I see things being way saltier in the US of A than in Canada, almost disgustingly so to me (I love salt, but not in such quantities.)
    So I don't agree with getting rid of too much salt, but a little bit is fine.
    Don't hate me. kthxbye

  3. lots of processed food has loads of salt in them (and sugar and other stuff)

    eat healthier by cooking your own food from scratch, it is cheaper too

  4. I'm sure we collectively could use less salt in our diets.

  5. Morton. Hmmmm....I seem to have heard that name in connection to salt somewhere before.

  6. owww, I should really pay more attention to this kind of stuff

  7. What will they do, regulate pepper next?


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